Ham - Full Leg Bone-In


One Ham is between 8kg to 9kg at $15.99/kg 

Please note: You will be charged for the heavier weight and refunded the difference.

Fresh Sausages


All our award-winning hams are all made from 100% Local, Australian Pork.  They are prepared and smoked at our Westridge Store by our team of experienced butchers.   We naturally smoke our ham using traditional methods.   

Our bone-in ham is perfect for a when you a cooking a glazed-ham, as the bone will enhance the flavour of the ham when cooked.  


Serving Suggestions

Our bone in ham is not only great for roasting, it is perfect for sandwiches and salads.   

When you have finished your ham, keep the bone in your freezer for when you next make a pot of Pea & Ham Soup. 

Read our helpful Meat Guide here to learn how much Meat to order per person.

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